I am a enthusiastic software developer with a knack for backend development. I've got my hands dirty in Python, Golang, and C++. I have mainly worked in cybersecurity domain in my career including things like web-application penetration testing and writing code for both POCs and highly scalable commercial security products.

What sets me apart? I am not just about what's already in the toolkit. A relentless commitment to continuous learning and adaptability. I am always ready to dive into the latest, adapt and turn challenges into victory.

Here's a summary of my work so far -


Sr. Software Engineer, 2024-Present

As I transitioned to a senior role in Netskope, I started working on the next-gen implementation of the CASB API product, while also maintaining the two crucial apps from the legacy product, ensuring a smooth transition to the next-gen implementations.

Software Engineer II, 2022-2024

I joined the API Data Protection Team in 2022. Since then, I have grown in the team to own end-to-end pipeline for two of the app implementations.

  • Implemented a system to enable migration of existing customers to the next-gen product without any downtime.
  • Took initiative to improve the file listing performance for one of the apps and implemented check-pointing logic to prevent retrying duplicate tasks on any API rate limiting.

Cisco Systems

Software Engineer I and II, 2018-2021

  • Did an analysis of Cisco FTD's layer-7 detection capabilities against the open-source WAF ModSecurity and provided suggestions to improve Snort's detection capabilities.
    • Used automated and manual pentesting methodologies to generate the traffic to these tools
    • Standardized the logs generated by these tools and used log-correlation to compare the efficacy and performance of FTD
    • Orchestrated and managed the entire supporting infrastructure on AWS.
  • Later joined Snort team to help improve its layer-7 detection capabilities.
    • Implemented Portscan feature for FTD platforms by moving it to layer-2 (ASA) from layer-4 (Snort)
  • Worked on implementing monitoring capabilities in Cisco Secure Firewall Cloud Native (SFCN) using open-source Prometheus, Grafana and Telegraf stack using Helm charts.