I designed and built this website myself. Being a backend developer, UI design is not my strongest skill, but playing with latest web technologies is an indulgent hobby I don't want to relinquish. The source code of this website is available on Github , if you'd like to poke around. I started building this version of the site in July 2023 and tinker on it regularly.


The site is primarily built with Next.js. Most of the site is statically rendered at the build time. Vercel takes care of hosting this site. Cloudflare manages the DNS.

One of my primary intention behind switching to Next.js was to explore React. I used React and TailwindCSS to build and design the interface. All the notes are written in MDX - a variant of markdown that makes it easy to design and reuse custom components and interactive JavaScript elements (though I don't have many custom components yet).

Content Editing

I use MDX files to write content for this site. There is no fancy one-click pipeline or a WYSIWYG editor. Whenever I want to create a new note, I create a new file and start writing in VSCode. In past, I tried to write content in Notion, but that didn't work after a few times. I would definitely like to have a setup where I don't have to worry about git, vscode etc. Given that I don't really need a lot of interactive components in my notes, I think this is a doable task. I might do it myself someday.


Wotfard font family by Atipo Foundary is the primary font on this site. I first noticed this being used on the website of Josh Comeau and instantly loved it. The site deliberately uses a single font for both headings and body, to reduce complexity.

The mono font is the IBM Plex Mono .

Both these fonts are locally hosted.